Rare earth Silicon Magnesium alloys

Rare earth Silicon Magnesium alloys are used as inoculants for casting and deoxidizers for ironmaking. When used as a casting inoculant, it can promote the formation of A-type graphite, refine the eutectic group, improve the distribution of graphite, and have strong anti-recession ability. And it can eliminate and prevent the whitening tendency of castings and reduce the section sensitivity.

When the ReSiMg alloy is used as a deoxidizer for ironmaking, there is no smoke or spark. The deoxidation effect is higher than that of silicon-calcium alloy, which can improve the shape of non-metallic inclusions and improve the quality of iron. At present, when producing rare earth ferrosilicon alloys at home and abroad, submerged arc furnaces are generally used to produce ReSiMg, and then ReSiMg and iron-containing raw materials are added to the intermediate frequency furnace.

The method of Rare earth Silicon Magnesium is to smelt ReSiMg alloy in submerged arc furnace. Dolomite, silica, lignite, iron filings and silicon carbide are mainly used in the furnace. The electric energy consumption required for smelting is very large, and the electric energy consumption for producing one ton of ReSiMg alloy is 14,000 kWh.

Aiming at the shortcomings of the high power consumption of Rare earth Silico Magnesium alloys at home and abroad, a production process with low power consumption and optimal furnace charge composition is provided. Using this method reduces the power consumption and cost of Rare earth Silico Magnesium alloy without improving equipment so that Rare earth Silico Magnesium alloy can be widely used as an inoculant in the foundry industry, replacing 75% of Rare earth Silico Magnesium as an inoculant, and its economic benefits will be great.

Rare earth Silico Magnesium alloy process:

  • Mix qualified lignite, silica, iron filings, and weighed weights:
  • Supply the mixture to the hearth
  • Mix the above mixture with dolomite and limestone, Mix well and add to the electric furnace for smelting:
  • Cast molten iron ingots, take samples and analyze chemical composition:
  • Sorting and breaking up qualified products, put them into storage, and re-smelt unqualified products.


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