Rare earth silicon stocks are low and prices may rise in the short term

In the Inner Mongolia region today, the cash price inclusive of tax for 30# one-step method rare earth silicon is reported at RMB 8,000-8,500 per ton. Meanwhile, the 30# two-step method rare earth silicon is being offered at RMB 13,500-14,000 per ton, and the 23# two-step method rare earth silicon at RMB 10,500-11,000 per ton. Additionally, the price for alloy-grade lanthanum cerium metal stands at RMB 17,000-17,500 per ton.

The downstream market for spheroidizing agents is currently experiencing moderate transactions, with many spheroidizing agent factories facing sluggish order fulfillment, leading to on-demand purchasing strategies for raw materials like rare earth silicon. However, due to factors such as electricity and production restrictions enforced for environmental protection, rare earth silicon manufacturers are unable to fully release their production capacity, resulting in lower inventory levels. Despite this, downstream inquiries remain relatively active.

With rising prices for raw material ferrosilicon and low stock levels of rare earth silicon, manufacturers of the latter may seize the opportunity to increase their quotes to maintain profit margins. The market is currently behaving rationally, with a strong wait-and-see attitude prevailing as stakeholders closely monitor the raw material market’s direction.

This situation outlines a tight supply scenario influenced by regulatory measures, active market engagement despite downstream challenges, and potential price adjustments responding to raw material cost increases and strategic stock management. Moving forward, the dynamics of the rare earth silicon market in Inner Mongolia will likely continue to be influenced by these interplaying factors, making it a key area to watch for both producers and consumers.


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