SiAlBaCa inoculant in steelmaking

Silicon-calcium-barium-aluminum high-efficiency deoxidizer is an auxiliary material for steelmaking. It is suitable for various forms of steelmaking deoxidation, especially for converter steelmaking deoxidation. It has a strong deoxidation and desulfurization effect, can improve the flow performance of molten steel, and solve the problem of nozzle nodulation. Reduce gas in steel and reduce inclusions in molten steel. Silicon calcium barium aluminum is an ideal deoxidizer and desulfurizer for steelmaking. Calcium has a great affinity for oxygen and sulfur, while silicon has a great affinity for oxygen. Barium not only has a great relationship with oxygen and sulfur, but also barium can effectively reduce the vapor pressure of calcium in the steelmaking temperature range and improve the utilization rate of calcium. The steelmaking deoxidation test shows that the deoxidation effect of silicon-calcium-barium is better than that of silicon-calcium composite deoxidizer.

SiAlBaCa inoculant

SiAlBaCa inoculant is the best deoxidizer and desulfurizer in barium-based alloys, which can minimize the oxygen content in the steel. At the same time, complex inclusions containing calcium, barium, aluminum, etc. are easy to float out of the bath, and the pure molten steel improves the impact toughness and processing performance of the steel. The use of silicon-calcium-barium-aluminum alloy is superior to that of pure aluminum, ferrosilicon, and silicon-calcium alloy, and the utilization rate of the alloy is high. Calcium silicon aluminum barium is not readily soluble in molten steel, but it can dissolve calcium and reduce the vapor pressure of calcium. The role of calcium in the deoxidation and treatment of non-metallic inclusions can be fully enhanced in silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium alloys.

Steel mill must pay attention to the addition method and amount of silicon aluminum barium calcium in the process of steelmaking. If the adding time and quantity are wrong, the final effect will be different! The method of use is to add a little bit when there is some molten steel. It is estimated that one-fifth of the tapping is to add a little silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium, and then add silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium when the molten steel flows out, and it is all added when the steel is about to be tapped.



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