Application of silica fume in concrete

1. Silica fume powder concrete is used in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, which can improve the resistance of the project. Traditional domestic and foreign anti-abrasion materials are mostly used for polymer materials such as epoxy mortar. The line expansion coefficient is doubled in the base of the base, which is not adaptable to the base concrete temperature. It is easy to crack and fall off under natural climate conditions. The construction is complex and toxic, the cost is expensive, and it cannot be promoted in large areas. With the use of silicon powder concrete, the anti-rushing abrasion capacity is increased by about doubled, and the anti-abrasion capacity of 48m/S flow rate is more than 3 times.

silica fume

2. Silica fume concrete is used in water conservancy engineering, which can improve the crack resistance of the project. Aquatic concrete cracks have become a major issue for people. The reason for the crack is due to the heating heat of the material itself. If mixed with flour ash into the concrete, although the electric heating can be reduced, the early intensity is relatively low, which restricts the amount of mounted and coal ash.

3. Silica fume powder concrete can improve the resistance to anti-penetration and salt corrosion, and protect steel bars. Due to the infiltration of chloride ions in underwater engineering, the steel bar is rapidly rusting, the concrete is declining, the life span is short, and the destructiveness is serious. The pouring of underwater concrete is generally used in the catheter method. Due to the dispersal of the cement slurry, it cannot bond well with the grassroots and reduces the intensity of contact with the water. After mixed with silicon powder in underwater concrete, these problems can be significantly improved.

4. Silica fume concrete is used in the repair of transportation road roads, which has strong wear resistance characteristics. Watering roads with ordinary concrete takes 28 days to open to traffic normally. Generally, the concrete can be opened for 3 days. It is inevitable that damage to the concrete road is inevitable. Repairing in conventional methods often causes traffic interruptions to bring serious economic losses. The use of silicon powder concrete with early strength and wear resistance is very ideal after actual use.

The application of silica fume in concrete is mainly used in water conservancy and power engineering and building highway bridges. The results are very ideal.


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