Silicon barium calcium inoculant

The inoculant is a kind of inoculant that can promote graphitization, reduce the tendency of white mouth, improve the morphology and distribution of graphite, increase the number of eutectic groups, and refine the matrix structure. It has a short time (about 5-8 minutes) after inoculation treatment. good effect. It is mainly suitable for general or post-instantaneous pregnancy in various situations.

Inoculant is a metallurgical material often purchased by foundry manufacturers. This is mainly because inoculants can effectively reduce the content of harmful elements, but the most important thing is that inoculants can inoculate molten iron, effectively promote the formation of graphite crystals in molten iron, and effectively improve the Machinability and quality of castings.

Silicon-barium-calcium inoculantCa-Si-Ba inoculant)is a good steel-making material, which has the advantages of a good desulfurization effect and an ideal desulfurization effect. Silicon-barium-calcium inoculant is mostly in the form of small blocks, which can be used more conveniently in actual use.

The function of Ca-Si-Ba inoculant inoculant in the production of ductile iron

In the process of ductile iron casting, in addition to the use of nodularizers to enhance the characteristics of the product, the silicon-barium-calcium inoculant is also a commonly used additive product. Silicon-barium-calcium inoculant can promote graphitization and reduce the tendency of whitening, thereby improving the role of graphite morphology.

The role of Ca-Si-Ba inoculant inoculants in steelmaking

Silicon-barium-calcium-calcium inoculant is a new type of composite alloy combining silicon, barium, and calcium elements. The silicon-barium-calcium-calcium inoculant can effectively reduce the vapor pressure of calcium and increase the solubility of calcium in molten steel within the steelmaking temperature range. At the same time, the silicon-barium-calcium-calcium inoculant also reduces the oxidation of calcium, thereby achieving the effect of calcium treatment on molten steel.

The role of Ca-Si-Ba inoculant in graphite production

Silicon-barium-calcium inoculant can refine graphite and improve its strength. For ductile iron castings, it can make graphite in ductile iron finer and improve the nodularization level. Resistant to fading while preventing the associated nodular fading. The wall thickness sensitivity is small and the tissue is uniform. Significantly reduce the whitening tendency, reduce the relative hardness, and improve the machining performance of castings.

Through the analysis of the function of silicon-barium-calcium inoculant, we can better understand the product of silicon-barium-calcium inoculant, and in the actual use process, we can quickly grasp the use method of silicon-barium-calcium inoculant and help users improve their understanding of silicon Knowledge of barium calcium inoculant, a new type of metallurgical material.

How to choose a good inoculant manufacturer?

Good inoculant manufacturers often have the following characteristics:

1. A good inoculant manufacturer has a ferroalloy test report issued by an authoritative organization and an authoritative inoculant quality certificate

2. A good inoculant manufacturer has a long operating time and has a certain influence on the industry

3. A good inoculant manufacturer can provide professional service guidance

4. The inoculant products provided by good inoculant manufacturers can quickly deoxidize, reduce the time, material, and human resources consumed by deoxidation, improve the shape of molten steel impurities to avoid blockage of the nozzle and greatly extend the service life of the boiler

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