High Quality Silicon Barium Inoculant Manufacturer

What is silicon barium inoculant?

It is blended with silicon powder and barium powder in proportion to demand. Then it is made into massive metallurgical materials in a high-temperature furnace. Often used in casting. The silicon barium inoculant can satisfy the inoculation treatment of gray cast iron and ductile iron. The effect is as follows: It can promote graphitization and reduce the tendency of white mouth; Improve the shape and distribution of graphite. Increase the number of eutectic clusters. Refine the characteristics of the matrix organization.

Silicon Barium Inoculant Manufacturer

                             Silicon Barium Inoculant Manufacturer

Silicon Barium Inoculant Application

Inoculation is the process of controlling the structure and properties of cast iron by increasing the number of nucleation events during solidification. An inoculant is a material added to the hot metal just before casting, which provides a suitable phase for the nucleation of graphite during subsequent cooling. The purpose of inoculation is to provide sufficient nucleation sites for carbon to precipitate as graphite rather than iron carbide (cementite, Fe3C). Anyang lishi provides inoculants for the production of ductile iron and cast iron in different particle sizes for running water packs and post-inoculation.

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