Silicon-calcium-aluminum deoxidizer

Advantages of silicon-calcium-aluminum deoxidizer products: At present, in the process of steelmaking calcium treatment, generally at the end of refining treatment, a certain amount of silicon-calcium wire is put into molten steel, and then weakly stirred for a certain period of time. Turns into a liquid, allowing the contents to float and be removed easily. However, if there is a little carelessness, it will cause improper calcium treatment in molten steel, and the amount of calcium treatment itself is not easy to control, resulting in the following consequences.

Silicon-calcium-aluminum deoxidizer

        Silicon-calcium-aluminum deoxidizer

One is that when the amount of calcium added is too low, CA6 and CA2 may be formed, and these solid inclusions are tougher than alumina; the other is that the calcium treatment is too strong, because the vapor pressure of calcium is large, which will cause the surface of the molten steel to stir and cause secondary Oxidation, excessive stirring intensity, cause reaction with ladle slag, transfer Ca and Mg in slag or refractory material to molten steel, and form magnesium aluminum spinel inclusions.

Silicon-calcium-aluminum alloy has strong deoxidation and desulfurization ability, fast deoxidation and desulfurization speed can realize deep deoxidation and desulfurization, meets the refining treatment of low-silicon steel grades and overcomes the shortcomings of the existing technology. Silicon-calcium-aluminum alloy contains three elements: silicon, calcium, and aluminum, and the weight percentage of each component is 25-35% of silicon; 13-17% of calcium; and 6-9% of aluminum.

The silicon-calcium-aluminum deoxidizer participates in the calcium treatment method of molten steel in steelmaking. The purpose is to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and give full play to the strengths of calcium treatment, that is, to change the shape of inclusions to make them easier to float and remove, while eliminating disadvantages of calcium supplementation treatment and preventing improper calcium supplementation. Cause pollution and adverse consequences to molten steel, and achieve the purpose of improving the purity of molten steel.



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