Method for smelting silicon calcium barium

A method for smelting silicon-calcium-barium, where in the cooling is cooling the product of silicon-calcium-barium by cooling liquid or air cooling; a method for smelting silicon-calcium-barium, wherein the cooling liquid is water or engine oil. Sulfur, phosphorus and carbon in the smelted silicon calcium barium do not exceed 0.1%, which can meet the needs of steelmaking.

silicon calcium barium

        silicon calcium barium

The smelting method of silicon calcium barium comprises the following steps:

(1) The crystalline silicon (SO2.6H20) with a content of more than 99% and the calcium carbonate with a content of more than 93% are respectively crushed into 1mm-10mm particles, and the barium carbonate with a content of more than 92% is crushed into 80 meshes, and the combustion value is at least 500kcal/kg of carbon crushed to 10mm-50mm;

(2) Mix 15-22 parts of crystalline silicon, 15-30 parts of calcium carbonate, 5-13 parts of barium carbonate and 1-3 parts of carbon; for example, 16-21 parts of crystalline silicon, 18-28 parts of calcium carbonate, and Calcium 18-28 parts, barium 6-12 parts, carbon 2-3 parts. Preferably 20 parts of crystalline silicon; 25 pieces of calcium carbonate; 8 pieces of barium carbonate, 2 pieces of carbon;

(3) After preheating the electric arc furnace to 400°C, add the mixed crystal silicon, calcium carbonate, barium carbonate and carbon into the electric arc furnace to continue heating;

(4) The electric arc furnace is gradually heated up to 1650° C. at a speed of 15-25° C./min, such as 18-22° C./min, preferably 20° C./min, and the electric arc furnace is heated up. Keep warm for 5-10 minutes, for example, keep warm for 6-8 minutes, preferably 7 minutes, remove the scum of the silicon-calcium-barium melt, and then take the silicon-calcium-barium melt out of the furnace;

(5) The silicon-calcium-barium liquid after being released from the furnace is naturally cooled to 600-700°C to condense into one body, and then the silicon-calcium-barium product is cooled to average temperature with cooling liquid or air cooling, and the cooling liquid is water or machine oil;

(6) Break the silicon-calcium-barium product into 10mm-50mm for inspection. When the sulfur, phosphorus, and carbon content in the silicon calcium barium product is less than 0.1%, the silicon calcium barium product is packaged and shipped.


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