Silicon calcium barium

Silicon calcium barium is used as a new additive for steelmaking in steelmaking. Used as a deoxidizer and desulfurizer for steelmaking. Since there is no pure silicon-calcium-barium in nature, ores containing silicon, calcium, and barium are usually used. However, the existing smelting methods make the content of sulfur, phosphorus and carbon in smelting silicon calcium barium too high, which cannot meet the needs of steelmaking.

Silicon calcium barium

 Silicon calcium barium

In order to solve the problem that the content of sulfur, phosphorus and carbon in the silicon-calcium-barium smelted by the existing silicon-calcium-barium smelting method is too high, a silicon-calcium-barium smelting method and the produced silicon-calcium-barium-provide barium. product. In order to achieve the above object, the silicon calcium barium smelting method of the present invention comprises:

(1)respectively pulverizing crystalline silicon with a content of more than 99% and calcium carbonate with a content of more than 93% into particles of 1mm-10mm, and pulverizing the barium. 80 mesh with a carbonate content of more than 92%, a combustion value of at least 500 kcal/kg, and carbon crushed to 10mm-50mm;

(2) 15-22 parts of crystalline silicon, 15-30 parts of calcium carbonate, and 5-5 parts of barium carbonate 13 parts, 1-3 parts

(3) After the electric arc furnace is preheated to 400 ° C, add the calcium carbonate, barium carbonate and carbon mixed in step (2), and continue heating in the electric arc furnace;

(4) Electric arc furnace Gradually raise the temperature to 1650°C at a speed of 15-25°C/min, and keep it warm for 5-10 minutes. After removing the scum that dissolves the silicon-calcium-barium liquid, the silicon-calcium-barium liquid is released from the furnace;

(5) The silicon-calcium-barium liquid is naturally Cool to 600-700°C to condense into one, and then cool to room temperature;

(6) Grind the silicon-calcium-barium to 10mm-50mm, and check that when the content of sulfur, phosphorus, carbon and carbon in the silicon-calcium-barium product is less than 0.1% respectively At that time, the silicon calcium barium product was packaged and left the factory.

A method for smelting silicon calcium barium, wherein 16-21 parts of crystalline silicon; 18-28 parts of calcium carbonate; 6-12 parts of barium carbonate, 2-3 parts of carbon; 25 parts of calcium carbonate; 8 parts of barium carbonate, 2 parts of carbon Parts; a method for smelting silicon-calcium-barium, wherein, in step (4), after the electric arc furnace is gradually heated up to 1650° C. and kept warm for 6-8 minutes, the scum of the melted silicon-calcium-barium is removed. Barium liquid, then the molten silicon-calcium-barium liquid is released from the furnace;


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