Silicon calcium inoculant

Silicon-calcium inoculant is a kind of inoculant that can promote graphitization, reduce whitening tendency, improve graphite morphology and distribution, increase the number of eutectic groups, and refine the matrix structure. Calcium silicon inoculant improves the uniformity of the section, reduces the tendency of shrinkage, and has the characteristics of stable chemical composition, uniform processing particle size, small deviation of composition and quality, low melting point, easy melting and absorption, and very little scum.

Silicon calcium inoculant

Product Features of Calcium Silicon Inoculant

1. For gray castings, it can increase the graphitization core, and promote the gray castings to obtain A-type graphite.

2. For ductile iron castings, it can make the graphite balls fine and uniform and improve the nodularization level.

3. Significantly reduce the whitish tendency and improve the machining performance of castings.

Application of silicon-calcium inoculant

Gray cast iron has good casting formability, processability, wear resistance, heat resistance, shock absorption, and other properties. It is a traditional metal structure material and plays an important role in casting production. At present, gray iron castings account for the first place in weight of all kinds of castings (accounting for about 50-55%). With the intensification of market competition, although gray cast iron is a traditional “large quantity and wide range” metal structural material, it is also facing serious challenges in terms of material quality, performance, and price. Especially in recent years, with the strengthening of Sino-foreign cooperation and exchanges, in many Sino-foreign joint venture production plants, two kinds of castings of the same brand at home and abroad are processed on the same line, and the tool wear of domestic gray castings is greater than that of imported castings. In many cases, this seriously affects production efficiency.

Silicon calcium inoculant

Calcium silicon inoculant can improve the machinability of high-strength gray cast iron and the preparation method of gray cast iron. Calcium silicon inoculant reduces the fracture sensitivity and whitening tendency of gray cast iron and is beneficial to obtain fine and uniformly distributed a-type graphite, the resulting gray cast iron has higher strength and better machinability.

As the main component of silicon-calcium inoculant, si can reduce the degree of supercooling, promote the nucleation of graphite, change the shape and refinement of graphite, promote graphitization, and reduce the tendency of whitening; it can make graphite and matrix in gray iron structure obtain Significantly refined, and make a large amount of phosphorus eutectic hard phase in the as-cast structure form a dispersed distribution, improve the strength of gray cast iron, and at the same time, this unique metallographic structure also makes the shearing of the front edge of the cutting edge during turning processing The extrusion zone becomes narrower and has good cutting performance; ca is an important added element in the silicon-calcium inoculant, which has a decisive effect on the nucleation of eutectic graphite, can significantly promote graphitization, increase the number of graphite nodules, and reduce whiteness. Calcium silicon inoculant has the functions of deoxidation, desulfurization, stabilizing austenite, and refining pearlite, which can reduce the fracture sensitivity and whitening tendency of gray cast iron, and is beneficial to obtain fine and evenly distributed a-type graphite.

The elements si and ca contained in the silicon-calcium inoculant not only utilize the inoculation ability of each element, but also have a synergistic effect between the elements, which can reduce the section sensitivity and whitening tendency of gray iron, and obtain a fine, curved, and distributed shape. The most uniform graphite; finally, the gray cast iron inoculated with calcium-silicon inoculant, under the cutting action of the high-speed rotating tool, the fine and uniform graphite structure can improve the deformation of the chip, reduce the friction force and wear area of the tool, and thus improve the cutting tool life.


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