Benefit Silicon Carbide Deoxidizer

Black silicon carbide can be used as a deoxidizer for steelmaking and a modifier for cast iron structure and can be used to manufacture silicon tetrachloride, which is one of the main raw materials for the silicone resin industry. Silicon carbide deoxidizer is a new type of strong composite deoxidizer, which can replace traditional silicon powder carbon powder for deoxidation. Compared with the original process, the physical and chemical properties are more stable, and the deoxidation effect is better, which can shorten the overall deoxidation time and save energy. Silicon carbide can improve the efficiency of steelmaking, improve the quality of steel, reduce the consumption of raw and auxiliary materials, reduce environmental pollution, improve working conditions, and is of great value in improving the comprehensive economic benefits of electric furnaces.

Silicon carbide has a wide range of applications, from metallurgy to aerospace materials, from refractory materials to accessories, and silicon carbide can be seen. Silicon carbide manufacturers tell us that most of the silicon carbide we see in our lives is artificially synthesized, and naturally occurring silicon carbide is rarely seen. It can be seen that in order to improve the quality of silicon carbide, we must start with the production process of silicon carbide.

Silicon carbide deoxidizer can improve strength and toughness, has the advantages of fast deoxidation to slag, thick reducing atmosphere, etc., can effectively improve element recovery rate, reduce smelting cost, stabilize the quality of molten iron, and delay the time of hatching and recession of molten iron. As a deoxidizer for steelmaking, silicon carbide can stabilize the quality of molten steel, refine grains and remove harmful impurities in molten steel.

In the application of silicon carbide, the foaming slag is rich and lively, and the foam-wrapped arc is yellow, which can reduce the arc radiation, improve the life of the furnace lining and furnace cover, reduce the heat stop time and the consumption of some arc auxiliary materials, etc.


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