What is the impact of silicon fume to add concrete?

Silicon fume is added to concrete, which has a significant improvement of concrete strength, so the application of silicon powder in concrete is very common. So, specifically, where is the advantages of silicon powder added to the concrete? Silicon powder manufacturers analyze it for you.

                                            silicon fume

1. Silicon fumemanufacturing high -strength concrete (C70 or more), significantly improves the strength and pumping performance of the concrete

2. The granular size of silicon fume is reasonable, densely dense, strong, and good  resistance. It can greatly improve the tensile, pressure resistance, impact strength and wear resistance of curing, resistanceincrease 0.5-2.5 times.

3. Siliconfumecan increase thermal conductivity, change the adhesive and increase flame retardant performance.

4. Silicon fumecan reduce the peak temperature of the curing reaction of epoxy resin, reduce the line expansion coefficient of curing and contraction rate of curing, thereby eliminating internal stress and preventing cracking.

5. Due to the fine particles of silicon fumeand reasonable distribution, it can reduce and eliminate precipitation and layered phenomenaeffectively.

6. Silicon fume has lowimpurities and stable materialization performance, so that curing bin has good insulation and anti -arc performance.

The addition of silicon fume, in addition to the advantages mentioned above, the antifreeze and activity of silicon powder also has a very important impact on the improvement of concrete quality.


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