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Silicon metal market analysis 2022-12-22: The following is the price trend chart of Huangpu Port 553 Oxygen Metal Silicon. It can be seen from the figure that the price of metal silicon has fallen since the beginning of November and has not improved. The overall market activity is difficult to increase. Buyers The market wait-and-see sentiment is biased. Some terminal markets just need to purchase, and some customers are stocking up during the Spring Festival, but the orders are relatively scattered, which has no effect on boosting the price of silicon metal. With the closing time approaching, it is unlikely that the price of silicon metal will rebound sharply in the short term.

In terms of production start-up, at present, silicon metal factories in Sichuan have significantly reduced production, and Yunnan’s production start-up is still at a high level, and it has not yet been confirmed whether the Nujiang area will resume production in early January. Areas with high electricity prices may usher in concentrated production cuts.

The transaction price of a silicon factory in the north in Tianjin Port this week is 18,500-18,700 yuan/ton, and the market is still low. Recently, polysilicon orders have been placed one after another, but the purchase price of the mill is relatively low. The ex-factory price of 553#Tongoxy metal silicon southern factory is basically around 18,500 yuan/ton, and some factories say that the cost is high, and they will not sell below this price. The ex-factory price of 441# metal silicon is 18,800-19,200 yuan/ton including tax, the low price of 421# metal silicon is 19,000 yuan/ton, the high price of chemical grade is still around 20,000 yuan/ton, and the price of 3303# metal silicon is tax-included The quotation is 19,400-19,500 yuan/ton, but the transaction volume of market disputes is not large. Due to the different situations of factories, there is also a certain price difference in the transaction.

silicon metal

    silicon metal


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