Weekly Review of Silicon Metal (9.19-9.23)

Stock up before the festival, the price of silicon metal rises.

From 9.19-9.23, the price increase of metallurgical grade silicon metal is 300-500 yuan/ton, and the monthly increase of chemical grade is 500-600 yuan/ton. Terminals are stocked before the National Day because silicon metal is just in demand, and factories in the other three major producing areas are eager to raise prices. With the gradual acceptance of high quotations, the rise of metal silicon has gradually become obvious.

Metallurgical grade silicon metal:

This week, the metallurgical-grade low-grade market is in short supply of spot goods, and the buyer’s market is actively buying goods. Some silicon metal factories with large orders are temporarily not accepting orders and quotations, and some factories have more aggressive quotations. more rational. The terminal market just needs to stock up before Chinese National Day. The production time of the Sichuan-Yunnan flood season is limited. In addition, the Xinjiang region has not fully recovered. The market follows the principle of buying up and not buying down, and the enthusiasm for buying goods and inquiries continues.

At present, the price of 553 non-oxygen metal silicon is concentrated at 19,000-19,200 yuan/ton, and some factories have a high price of 19,500 yuan/ton. The ex-factory quotation of 553# oxygen metal silicon is 20300-20500 yuan/ton, the quotation of a large northern factory in Tianjin port is 21000 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 98 silicon Tianjin port is 21000 yuan/ton. The ex-factory price of 441# silicon metal including tax is 20600-20800 yuan/ton, and the market supply is still in short supply. The 3303# silicon metal factory price including tax is 21,000 yuan/ton, and the individual metal silicon factories that are reluctant to sell are 21,500 yuan/ton including tax.

Export of Metallic Silicon:

There are also certain inquiries in the export market this week, but there is still a certain difference between the price and the domestic price. Foreign businessmen are still mainly stocking up on National Day, and there is no large-scale purchase. Up to now, the mainstream FOB quotations of silicon metal export are: 553#2780-2810 flat; 441#2980-3040 flat; 421#3080-3110 flat; 3303#3090-3120 flat; 2202#4550-4650 flat (USD/ton)

Market outlook analysis of silicon metal:

Silicon metal has shown a new wave of growth. The need to stock up before the National Day is part of the support. The price increase of a large factory has also helped the price of silicon metal to rise. The downstream polysilicon market is very optimistic, but the organic silicon and aluminum markets have been hovering at a low level. From the perspective of supply and demand, the increase is limited. From the perspective of capital intervention, there are still countless possibilities for the price trend of metal silicon.


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