Soda Feldspar Application

Soda Feldspar used in glass industry

Albite feldspar is one of the main components of glass mixture, and the amount used in the glass industry accounts for about 50-60% of the total amount of albite feldspar. The main functions are: (1) Albite is rich in Al2O3 and low in iron content, which can provide Al2O3 needed in glass ingredients, reduce the melting temperature of glass, reduce the amount of soda ash, and improve glass toughness, strength and resistance to acid and alkali erosion. (2) The process of melting albite into glass is relatively slow, and the crystallization ability is small, which can prevent the precipitation of crystals during the glass formation process and affect normal production or glass defects. (3) The viscosity of the glass can be adjusted to improve the processing adaptability of the glass.

Sodium feldspar is one of the main components of glass mixture. Feldspar contains high alumina and low iron content, which can reduce the amount of alkali. In addition, the process of albite melting into glass is relatively slow, and the crystallization ability is small, which can prevent crystals from being precipitated during the glass formation process and damage the product. Albite can also be used to adjust glass.

Soda Feldspar used in fertilizer industry

The chemical properties of soda feldspar are extremely stable, except for hydrofluoric acid, it is hardly decomposed by acid and alkali under normal pressure and temperature. The soda oxide contained in it cannot be directly absorbed by plants as a potassium-containing fertilizer. Under the long-term action of nature, only a very small part of potassium feldspar will be weathered. At home and abroad, in order to make soda feldspar a useful potassium resource and make potassium oxide into water-soluble or structurally soluble, various technological researches have been carried out on the production of potassium fertilizer from soda feldspar, which can be divided into: blast furnace Smelting method, autoclaving method, open leaching and closed constant temperature method, thermal decomposition water leaching method, thermal method for soluble potassium, acid decomposition method, sintering method, low temperature decomposition method, microbial method, etc., to achieve green chemistry, and to convert soda feldspar Produce high-benefit and low-cost agricultural potassium fertilizer.


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