Soda Feldspar used in ceramic glaze

Ceramic glazes are mainly composed of feldspar, quartz and clay raw materials. Among them, the most commonly used potassium feldspar can reach 10~35%. It is the main component of glass phase and has a wide melting range and high temperature viscosity. , can broaden the melting and maturing temperature range of the glaze, which is conducive to porcelain formation and lower firing temperature, improve the gloss, transparency and smoothness of the glaze layer, improve the chemical stability of the glaze layer, and improve the product grade and quality level. It is blended with other mineral raw materials to form enamel for the production of enamel glaze. The amount of potassium feldspar added can usually reach 20~30%.

As enamel glaze, albite is mainly used to blend other mineral raw materials into enamel. The content of feldspar is generally 20%~30%.

Potassium-sodium sand for ceramics in Guangdong is generally divided into five categories: low-temperature sand, Chinese sand, high-temperature sand, potassium feldspar and albite, as follows:

Low-temperature sand generally K2O+Na2O≧7-10%, of which Na2O≧5-8%, Al2O3≥12-18%, whiteness of firing≧26, high whiteness is used for ceramic fabrics, low whiteness is used for ceramic embryos Body base material.

Medium-temperature sand generally has K2O+Na2O≧6-8%, of which Na2O has a higher content than K2O, Al2O3≥16-20%, and 1200 degree burning whiteness≥30, generally 40-50.

High-temperature sand is generally about K2O+Na2O≧6-7, K2O3.5-4%, of which K2O is higher than Na2O content, Al2O3≥16-20%, 1200 degrees whiteness 65-70.

Sodium feldspar is graded by three indicators of sodium oxide, alumina content and burning whiteness. From the perspective of sodium oxide and alumina content, generally Na2O≧4-6%, Al2O3≥14-16% are low-grade albite , Na2O≧6-8, Al2O3≥14-16% is medium-grade albite, Na2O≧8-10, Al2O3≥16-18% is high-grade albite; from the perspective of burning whiteness, albite burns at 1200 degrees Whiteness ≧ 27-35 is low-grade albite, burning whiteness ≧ 35-45 is medium-grade albite, burning whiteness ≧ 45-60 is high-grade albite, burning whiteness ≧ 75 is super white Sodium feldspar; From the perspective of three indicators of sodium oxide, alumina content and burning whiteness, burning whiteness is preferred, Na2O≧4-6%, Al2O3≥14-16% If the burning whiteness of low-grade albite ≧35- 45, can also rise to mid-range albite.

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