Applications of Sodium Feldspar 1200 mesh in pigments

Sodium Feldspar 1200 mesh is a common mineral that is widely used in the pigment industry. The following are some common applications of albite in pigments:

Titanium Dioxide Whitening Agent: Sodium feldspar is used as a whitening agent in titanium dioxide pigments. Titanium dioxide is a commonly used white pigment made from titanium compounds. Sodium feldspar, as a whitening agent, can improve the covering power and whiteness of titanium dioxide.

Filler Pigment: Sodium feldspar can be added as a filler to various pigments to increase volume and adjust the texture and flow properties of the pigments. This application is common in water-based and solvent-based paints, oil paints, and printing inks.

Ceramic Glazes: Sodium feldspar is widely used in the ceramic industry for glaze preparation. It can increase the viscosity and flowability of glazes and create a uniform glass phase during the firing process, resulting in a glossy and smooth surface on ceramic products.

Wallpaper Pigments: Sodium feldspar is used as a filler in wallpaper pigments. It can enhance the crack resistance and durability of wallpapers while improving the coverage and uniformity of the pigments.

Coating Additive: Sodium feldspar can be used as an additive in coatings to adjust the rheological properties and anti-settling performance. It increases the viscosity of coatings and prevents the settling and separation of pigment particles.

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