Sodium Feldspar & Ceramics

Many people like to collect ceramics because ceramics is beautiful and has ornamental value. The beauty of ceramics is inseparable from its glaze. The glaze is actually made of feldspar, because it makes ceramics colorful. Let’s take a look at the introduction of sodium feldspar and what it has to do in our daily life!

1. What is sodium feldspar?

Sodium feldspar (NaAlSi3O8), also known as elongated stone or glitter stone, belongs to the three -diagonal crystal system, with a proportion of 2.6-2.65g/cm3, which is gray -white band yellow. Its theoretical components are SiO2 68.8%, Al2O3 19.4%, Na2O 11.8%. Sodium feldspar is a good ceramics melting agent raw material (the role of melting). It has the advantages of saving fuel consumption, improving the mechanical strength of the body, and reducing water absorption. It is mainly used for ceramic, glass, enamel and other departments.

Sodium feldspar is sodium aluminum silicate (NaAlSi3O8). It is a glass -shaped crystal of the three -diagonal crystal. It is generally colorless, white, yellow, red, or black. It is a category of feldspar. The sodium feldspar is a shelf -like silicate structure, with a proportion of 2.62 and Mo’s hardness is 6-6.5, of which the content of calcium long stone is less than 10%.

Sodium feldspar is the sodium minerals of oblique feldspar solid -soluble series. It is the most common in pegmatite and granite. It was first discovered in Sweden in 1815.

Soda Feldspar

                                                Soda Feldspar

2. Role of sodium feldsparin ceramics:

(1) Before firing, feldspar and quartz are non-plastic raw materials, which can shorten the drying time of ceramic body and reduce drying shrinkage and deformation.

(2) Feldspar is the main flux raw material of body and glaze, which can reduce the firing temperature of body and glaze.

(3) Feldspar melts into feldspar glass at high temperature, fills between the green body particles, and can dissolve other minerals, making the green body compact, and improving the mechanical strength, electrical properties and semi-transparency of ceramic products.

(4) Compared with potassium feldspar, albite has a greater effect on reducing the firing temperature of the body and glaze, and can improve the semi-transparency of the product.

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