Sodium Feldspar with high content of Al2O3

Sodium Feldspar is a common feldspar mineral, one of the sodium aluminosilicate, belonging to the triclinic crystal system, specific gravity 2.6 – 2.65g/cm3, grayish white with yellow, usually forming brittle glassy crystals of various colors. Soda feldspar can be used to make glass and ceramics. The chemical formula of albite feldspar is Na2O·Al2O3·6SiO2. Its theoretical chemical composition is Na2O: 11.8%; Al2O3: 19.4%; SiO2: 68.8%. The content of soda feldspar in the Anyang Lishi Industrial is as:

Al2O3: 19-22%

SiO2: 65% min

Fe2O3: 0.1%±0.05

Na2O: 11%±0.5

CaO: 0.6% max

It is difficult for the albite mineral in nature to reach its theoretical value. The closer the chemical composition of feldspar is to its theoretical value, the purer the feldspar and the better its quality.

Sodium feldspar is one of the main components of a glass mixture. Feldspar contains high Al2O3, and low iron content, and is more fusible than alumina. It not only has a lower melting temperature but also has a more comprehensive melting range. It is mainly used to increase the alumina content in glass ingredients, reduce the melting temperature in glass production and increase the alkali content, to reduce the use amount of alkali.

The Al2O3 content in soda feldspar from Anyang Lishi Industrial is between 19% and 22%, which is higher than the theoretical Al2O3 content in albite. Al2O3 plays a vital role in glass manufacturing. Adding a small amount of Al2O3 to the glass can capture non-bridging oxygen to form “AlO4”, enter the silicon-oxygen network, connect the disconnected network, and make the glass structure tend to be tighter, thereby reducing the crystallization tendency of the glass, improving chemical stability, and Increase the mechanical strength of glass. Al2O3 in sodium feldspar can also improve the formability of glass, making the molten glass soft and easy to handle. In addition, Al2O3 can increase the viscosity of glass. Al2O3 in soda feldspar plays a unique role in phosphate glass, which can improve and strengthen the structure of phosphate glass and improve a series of properties of phosphate glass. Generally, phosphate glass contains Al2O3.

In the production of plate glass, in order to reduce the crystallization tendency of glass, improve the chemical stability, thermal stability, mechanical strength, hardness, and refractive index of glass, and reduce the erosion of glass on refractory materials. It is necessary to add a certain amount of albite feldspar to the glass batch to introduce the alumina component, which accounts for 1%-3.5% in the float glass batch and about 6% in the horizontal drawing glass.

Al2O3 in sodium feldspar plays a very important role in glass production. Anyang Lishi Industrial soda feldspar powder with high-quality ore raw materials and advanced production technology guarantees product quality and delivery time. Welcome to your inquiry!


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