Application of Sodium Feldspar

(1) As an ingredient and glaze in the ceramic industry:

The ceramic industry generally uses Na feldspat, which can increase the viscosity and chemical stability of enamel, greatly expand the sintering range of ceramics, and produce containers of various sizes and shapes. As a lightweight building material, sodyum feldspat powder can also be used in porous ceramics. Feldspar sand is used in Italy to produce lightweight once-fired tiles. Adding feldspar to ceramic fibers can make the fibers suitable for use in the range of 650-1100 °C while reducing energy consumption by 2.5%.

Soda feldspar is used in Canada and Western European countries to make various white ceramic products. Sodium feldspar is used as a vitrifying agent in ceramics to combine the glass phase with other components to give the product a certain strength. The reliability and strong fluidity of albite are more conducive to reducing the volume flow rate, lowering the ignition temperature or accelerating the ignition process than other raw materials.

(2) As the main component in the glass industry:

Sodium feldspar can be a source of A12O3 and a substitute for some soda ash. Albite-Feldspar is more suitable for use in glass production. Sodium feldspar can be used as an ingredient for glass fiber. As the raw material of medium-alkali glass balls, albite has obvious advantages over pyrophyllite in terms of glass quality, saving alkali and glass melting.

In the production of flat glass and bottle glass, Na feldspat is used instead of potassium feldspar, which solves the problems of unstable quality, composition fluctuation and transportation disconnection of potassium feldspar, improves the melting quality of glass and saves raw material costs. The alkali substitution rate in the glass bottle can reach 20-40%.

Compared with potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar has a lower viscosity and is easier to process. Therefore, albite is widely used in manufacturing glass products (including container glass, glass fiber, opal glass, flat glass, flat glass, tableware glass, etc.). It provides alumina and alkali that must be added to glass raw materials, lowers the melting point of glass raw materials, speeds up melting speed, increases output, and saves fuel.

(3) Used as filler and friction material in papermaking, chemical industry, refractory, machinery manufacturing, coating, plastic, paint, rubber, and other industries:

In the chemical industry, adding sodyum feldspat powder to polyolefin film-forming components can increase the uniformity and transparency of the film. Sodium feldspar powder can be used as skin makeup powder. Japan has recently developed an abrasive atomized cleaning mixture in which feldspar is used as an abrasive component. In the future, detergents containing albite will replace many unsuitable similar products. The flote sodyum feldspat mineral is used in the United States in soaps, laundry detergents, electrode coatings, brick and tile mixes, fine sand for poultry, and coarse sand for roofing.



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