The current situation of supply and demand of ferrosilicon market

Inner Mongolia is the main smelting area, and steel mills have more demand for ferrosilicon

Ferrosilicon is an iron-silicon alloy made of coke, steel scraps, quartz (or silica) as raw materials and smelted in an electric furnace. Since silicon and oxygen are easily synthesized into silicon dioxide, ferrosilicon is often used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking. At the same time, since a large amount of heat is released when SiO2 is generated, it is also beneficial to increase the temperature of molten steel while deoxidizing. Ferrosilicon should have a wide range and can be used as an alloying element additive. It is widely used in low-alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant steel and electrical silicon steel. At the same time, ferrosilicon is also commonly used in ferroalloy production and chemical industry. reducing agent.

The supply and output of ferrosilicon show an overall upward trend

From 2017 to 2020, China’s ferrosilicon production showed an overall upward trend. In 2020, China’s crude steel output was 1.053 billion tons, a year-on-year increase of 5.2%. The output of ferrosilicon in the steel industry increased slightly. In 2020, China’s annual output of ferrosilicon was 5.38 million tons.

Inner Mongolia is the main smelting area of ferrosilicon

The main production areas of ferrosilicon are distributed in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Gansu and other places, which basically account for more than 95% of the national monthly output. In 2020, Inner Mongolia’s ferrosilicon production accounted for 37%, followed by Qinghai’s ferrosilicon production at 20%.

Ferrosilicon demand continues to increase

With the increasing demand for domestic construction and infrastructure, the apparent consumption of ferrosilicon in China is on the rise. In 2017, the apparent consumption of ferrosilicon in China was 3.32 million tons, and in 2020, the apparent consumption of ferrosilicon in China rose to 5.05 million Ton.

Steel mills are the main demand side of ferrosilicon in China

In China’s ferrosilicon demand in 2020, steel mills will account for the highest proportion, reaching 70%, followed by metal magnesium smelting, which will account for 20% of demand; casting and export will account for 5% respectively.

In 2020, the output of ferrosilicon in China is 5.38 million tons, and Inner Mongolia and Qinghai are the main production areas of ferrosilicon in China; the apparent consumption of ferrosilicon is 5.05 million tons, and the demand for ferrosilicon is mainly steel mills, metal magnesium, casting and For export, China’s steel mills currently have the largest demand for ferrosilicon.


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