Unlocking Steel’s Potential: The Diverse Applications of Ferro Phosphorus for Enhanced Performance and Durability

Ferro Phosphorus is obtained from the phosphorus electric furnace. It is a symbiotic compound containing 20-26% phosphorus and 0.1-6% silicon, capable of altering the corrosion resistance and machinability of steel. In the steelmaking industry, ferrophosphorus serves as an alloying agent and can also produce phosphate salts.

ferro phosphorus lumps

Types of Ferro Phosphorus:

1. Energy-saving Ferro Phosphorus (Spheres): HJ energy-saving ferrophosphorus spheres are processed through a special three-screen and three-selection method, ensuring more stable content, higher purity, and easier operational use.

2. Energy-saving Ferrophosphorus (Granules): HJ energy-saving ferrophosphorus appears in granular physical form, directly reducing smelting time and procedures, and aiding in energy conservation and environmental protection for enterprises.

3. Low-carbon, Low-titanium Ferrophosphorus: This product significantly improves gas, selective oxidation, decarburization, and removal of non-metallic inclusions in special steel.

4. Low-carbon Ferrophosphorus: HJ low-carbon ferrophosphorus is another new product introduced by Huijin in response to market demands in the realm of smelting special steel.

Applications of Ferrophosphorus:

Ferrophosphorus is mainly used as an alloying agent and deoxidizer in special steel within the metallurgical industry.

It finds extensive use in rolling rolls, automotive cylinder liners, engine chargers, and large castings to enhance the friction resistance and wear resistance of mechanical components.

Ferrophosphorus partially dissolves in the ferrite of steel, reducing its ductility and toughness, and increasing its brittleness transition.

Ferrophosphorus can be used in manufacturing shells for grenades, bullets, etc., due to its brittleness, creating numerous fragments upon explosion, and enhancing lethality.

Performance and Characteristics of Ferrophosphorus:

ferrophosphorus powder

1. Enhanced molten iron flowability: With strictly controlled phosphorus content, wear-resistant and brittle.

2. Overall improvement in wear resistance: Approximately 0.15% phosphorus significantly enhances the wear resistance of cast iron.

3. Increased tensile strength of steel, improving the performance and surface quality of castings.

4. Enhanced heat conduction and heat resistance: The mesh-like distribution of phosphorus eutectics effectively enhances heat conduction and heat resistance, ensuring uniform wear surfaces and reduced spark generation during friction.

Compared to other ferrophosphorus products, ferrophosphorus offers a wider application range and superior performance, shortening steelmaking processes, further enhancing steel product performance, improving molten iron flowability, increasing steel’s tensile strength, and overall boosting wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be widely applied in steel plants, aluminum plants, foundries, counterweights, and powder metallurgy plants.





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