Chromium Silicon

Chromium Silicon

Chromium Silicon (SiCr) is an iron alloy primarily composed of silicon, chromium, and iron. It is also known as Ferro Silicon Chromium alloy. It is mainly used as an intermediate alloy in the produ...

Description of Chromium Silicon

Chromium Silicon (SiCr) is an iron alloy primarily composed of silicon, chromium, and iron. It is also known as Ferro Silicon Chromium alloy. It is mainly used as an intermediate alloy in the production of medium, low, and micro-carbon iron in the electric silicon thermal process. In steel refining, it is utilized as a deoxidizer (replacing ferrosilicon) and a chromium additive. Typically, it contains Cr > 30%, and Si > 35%, with the remainder being iron and small impurities. It is classified based on carbon content, such as ≤0.06%, ≤0.10%, ≤1.0%, etc.


Specification of Chromium Silicon

Grade Chemical Component (%)
Si Cr C P S
FeCr30Si40-A 40.0 30.0 0.02 0.02 0.04 0.01
FeCr30Si40-B 40.0 30.0 0.04 0.02 0.04 0.01
FeCr30Si40-C 40.0 30.0 0.06 0.02 0.04 0.01
FeCr30Si40-D 40.0 30.0 0.10 0.02 0.04 0.01
FeCr32Si35 35.0 32.0 1.0 0.02 0.04 0.01


Advantages of Silicon Chromium

• Corrosion and oxidation resistance

• Increase the hardness and strength of steel

• Improve the wear resistance of stainless steel

Production Process of Silicon Chromium

Ferro Silicon Chromium, containing not less than 30.0% chromium and not less than 35.0% silicon, is produced through two methods: one-step (commonly known as “slag method” or “ore method”) and two-step (commonly known as “slag-free method”).

One-step method: Raw materials include silica, chromium ore, and coke.

Two-step method: Raw materials include silica, carbon ferrochrome, and steel scrap.

Both methods use coke as a reducing agent. The silicon in Ferro Silicon Chromium alloy comes mainly from SiO2 in silica, while chromium is sourced from chromium ore and carbon ferrochrome. The smelting process takes place in a ferroalloy ore furnace and is used to produce reducing agents for the production of medium and low carbon ferrochrome, as well as intermediate alloy agents for steel refining.

According to the composition of Si, Cr, and C, various grades of silicon chromium alloy can be distinguished. The alloy’s composition determines its decarburization effect, so the silicon content is generally controlled to be greater than 40% in industrial production. The as-produced alloy with a C content of around 0.2-0.8% needs decarburization treatment to reduce the C content to below 0.02%, depending on user requirements for different grades of silicon chromium alloy. Additionally, silicon iron can be added to liquid high carbon ferrochrome to produce silicon chromium alloy.

Applications of Ferro Silicon Chromium

Chromium-Silicon lumps

Silicon chromium alloy, a mixture of silicon, chromium, carbon, and other elements, has several applications:

1. Microalloying: Silicon chromium alloy can be added to steel for microalloying, enhancing the mechanical properties, wear resistance, and oxidation resistance of the steel.

2. Stainless Steel Manufacturing: It is a crucial raw material in the production of stainless steel, improving corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and hardness.

3. Alloy Casting: Silicon chromium alloy is used in the casting industry to manufacture high-performance alloys such as casting aerospace engine blades and rocket engine components.

4. Steel Smelting: In steel production, silicon chromium alloy can be added to the steel smelting process for deoxidation, carbon addition, and composition adjustment.

In summary, silicon chromium alloy finds widespread applications in metallurgy, alloy casting, and other fields.

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