Ferrosilicon 75%

Ferrosilicon 75%

Ferrosilicon 75% is a silver-grey iron alloy with 75% silicon content, and it is a popular and common model of ferrosilicon.  The raw materials for the production of ferrosilicon 75% are mainly cok...

Description of Ferrosilicon 75%

Ferrosilicon 75% is a silver-grey iron alloy with 75% silicon content, and it is a popular and common model of ferrosilicon.  The raw materials for the production of ferrosilicon 75% are mainly coke, steel chips, and quartzite, which are heated and smelted in an electric furnace.  Ferrosilicon 75% is widely used in casting and steelmaking, mainly used as an inoculant and nodulizer in the casting industry, and used as a deoxidizer in the steelmaking industry.

LSFerroalloy mainly supplies ferrosilicon 75%,  ferrosilicon 72%, and ferrosilicon 70%, and we can provide natural block, standard block, granule, powder, and other particle sizes according to customer requirements. We can ensure the quality of the ferrosilicon and delivery timely.

Specification of Ferrosilicon 75%

Model Si Al C S P
FeSi 75% 75% 2% 0.2% 0.02% 0.04%

Ferro Silicon 75% Application

1. Ferro Silicon 75% in Steel Making

ferrosilicon 75

Ferrosilicon 75 Blocks

Ferrosilicon alloy is a deoxidizer and alloying agent in the steelmaking industry. In order to ensure the quality of steel and obtain steel with qualified chemical composition, deoxidation must be carried out in the final stage of steelmaking. The chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen is very large, so ferrosilicon is a powerful deoxidizer in steelmaking for precipitation and diffusion deoxidation. Adding a certain amount of silicon to steel can significantly improve the strength, hardness, and elasticity of steel.

2. FeSi 75% Granule for Casting

FeSi 75% is commonly used as an inoculant and nodularizer in the cast iron industry. Adding a certain amount of ferrosilicon to cast iron can prevent the formation of carbides in iron and promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite.

3. FeSi alloy 75% for Reductant

Ferrosilicon alloy is used as a reducing agent in ferroalloy production. Due to the high chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen, and the low carbon content of high-silicon ferrosilicon, high-silicon ferrosilicon is a common reductant in the production of low-carbon ferroalloy.

4. Ferrosilicon 75% for Metallurgy

Ferrosilicon 75% is often used in the Pidgeon process for magnesium smelting and is added in the high-temperature smelting process of metallic magnesium. To replace the magnesium in CaO.MgO, about 1.2 tons of ferrosilicon will be consumed for every ton of magnesium metal produced. Ferrosilicon plays a great role in the production of magnesium metal.

Production Cost of 75# Ferrosilicon

Ferrosilicon in Production

Ferrosilicon is made of coke, steel scrap, and silica (or quartz) through electric furnace smelting, then one ton of ferrosilicon needs 1.75 tons of silica (cost 100 yuan), 8500 to 9000 kWh (cost 3570 to 3780 yuan) about 1-ton semi-coke, 230 kilograms of steel, and many other things.

In the smelting of ferrosilicon, the raw material silica actually does not account for a large cost, because we have ferrosilicon raw ore and do not need to rely on imports and the cost of electricity accounts for the largest cost of ferrosilicon smelting. One ton of ferrosilicon will probably consume 9000 kWh of electricity, so many manufacturers choose to build factories and smelt in areas rich in electricity resources.

LSFerroalloy Manufacturer

Ferrosilicon manufacturers of LSFerroalloy prioritize quality throughout our production processes. From sourcing raw materials to the final product, stringent quality control measures are implemented. State-of-the-art laboratories equipped with advanced testing techniques ensure that the ferrosilicon alloys meet strict quality standards for chemical composition, particle size, and purity. This commitment to quality ensures consistent and reliable performance in steel production, foundries, and the production of specialty alloys.

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