Soda Feldspar

Soda Feldspar

LSFeldspar specializes in the production, trading, and innovation of soda feldspar for the ceramic, glass, and coating Industries, as well as for paints, plastics, coating, and refractory industrie...

Description of Soda Feldspar

LSFeldspar specializes in the production, trading, and innovation of soda feldspar for the ceramic, glass, and coating Industries, as well as for paints, plastics, coating, and refractory industries, etc. Soda feldspar manufacturers of Anyang Lishi Industrial cover an area of 45,000 square meters, with state-of-the-art production equipment, a factory laboratory, and a testing center to ensure customers the first quality products. As one of the soda feldspar suppliers in China, Anyang Lishi Industrial is a mines owner of Soda Feldspar, with strict quality control, Prompt delivery, and professional service, serving more than 200 customers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Oman, South Korea, Bangladesh, Kuwait and etc.


The Size of Soda Feldspar

0-10mm, 100, 200, 325, 600, 800, 1250 Mesh or according to needs.

Soda Feldspar

Soda Feldspar Powder

Specification of Soda Feldspar

Al2O3 19-22% Al2O3 is generally 15-18%, ours is 19-22%, high aluminum can burn quickly at low temperatures
SiO2 65%min
Fe2O3 0.1%±0.05 Fe2O3  less than 0.1%, low iron can increase whiteness
Na2O 11%±0.5 Na2O with a content of more than 10% is high sodium, and sodium improves the gloss and light transmittance of the product
CaO 0.6%max
Whiteness 55° Low iron content will lead to high whiteness, which belongs to high-quality soda feldspar
Sodium feldspar powder from Anyang Lishi Industrial has the advantages of fast burning at low temperatures, increasing whiteness and gloss

Application of Soda Feldspar 

• Raw materials for glass 

Albite powder is one of the main components of a glass mixture. Feldspar contains high alumina and low iron content, which can reduce the amount of alkali. In addition, the process of albite melting into the glass is relatively slow, and the crystallization ability is small, which can prevent crystals from being precipitated during the glass formation process and damage the product. Albite can also be used to adjust the viscosity of the glass.

Soda Feldspar is Used in Glass

• Raw materials for ceramics

The albite mineral powder can act as a barren raw material before the ceramic body is fired, reduce the drying shrinkage and deformation of the body, improve the drying performance, and shorten the drying time. It can be used as a flux filling in the body during firing to make the body Dense and reduce voids, but also improve the light transmittance of the green body. The use of albite rock in ceramic production can save electricity, coal, and ceramics raw material, and reduce production costs to a certain extent.

At present, China has not formulated a unified quality standard for feldspar mineral products, and its general quality requirements are Fe2O3<0.3%~1%(the Fe2O3 of soda feldspar powder of Anyang Lishi Industrial is 0.1%±0.05); albite can be used to produce polished bricks, exterior wall tiles, floor tiles, etc.

Soda Feldspar is used in Ceramics

• Raw materials for refractory

Sodium feldspar’s low coefficient of thermal expansion helps to minimize thermal stress during heating and cooling cycles, thus preventing cracks and fractures in the refractory structure. Additionally, its high alumina content contributes to the formation of mullite, a compound known for its excellent refractory properties. Sodium feldspar also acts as a flux, lowering the melting point of the refractory mixture and facilitating densification during firing.

Soda Feldspar is used in Refractory

• Raw materials for coating

Sodium feldspar is utilized in the coatings industry primarily as a filler and extender. Its fine particle size and high alumina content contribute to improved opacity, durability, and scratch resistance in coatings. It also acts as a rheology modifier, enhancing paints and coatings’ flow and leveling properties. Additionally, sodium feldspar serves as a cost-effective alternative to other fillers, helping to reduce production costs while maintaining desired performance characteristics in various coating formulations.

Soda Feldspar is used in Coating

• Raw materials for plastic

Its high alumina content improves plastics’ heat resistance and chemical inertness, making them suitable for various applications. Additionally, sodium feldspar contributes to reducing shrinkage and warping during molding processes. Its compatibility with different polymer matrices makes it a versatile additive in plastic formulations, offering improved performance and cost-effectiveness in producing plastic goods.

Soda Feldspar is used in Plastic

• Other applications

Sodium feldspar powder is also used in soap, abrasives, abrasive tools, welding rods, and other industries. The albite in the electrode coating can act as an arc stabilizer and a weld pool protectant.

Why Choose LSFeldspar?

Over 20 years of experience: LSFeldspar was established in 1999, As a feldspar powder supplier in China, Our factory covers an area of 45,000 square meters, with complete sodium feldspar production equipment.

Flexible production schedule: Provide high-quality sodium feldspar powder with competitive sodium feldspar price as per client requirements by maintaining an inventory of a minimum of 3,000-ton raw sodium feldspar lumps at our plants for smooth functioning of plants and consistent quality production.

High-quality control products: We are the mine owner of high-quality sodium feldspar mineral and have the special labs to examine the product before supplying, all the specifications and the mesh requirements are available on request.

Customer-oriented service: Customer service-oriented businesses revolve everything around the customer. From new products and features to user experience, every aspect of the business involves customers and includes the insight and participation of customer service.

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