Ferrosilicon 75

Ferrosilicon alloy, specifically ferrosilicon 75, is a vital component in the world of metallurgy and industrial production. As a leading manufacturer of FeSi, we are proud to provide high-quality products that contribute to the progress and innov...

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75 Ferrosilicon Inoculants

With the upgrade of the smelting process, some traditional metallurgical materials can no longer support the use of the new process. Inoculant is a new type of composite material following the birth of this material. It has many benefits and its u...

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Can you distinguish the quality of 75 ferrosilicon?

75# ferrosilicon is a traditional raw material for steelmaking, and its market price changes frequently. Therefore, how to identify the quality of 75# ferrosilicon and buy it from the manufacturer at a relatively reasonable price becomes a thorny ...

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Ferro Silicon Barium as inoculant for casting and deoxidizer for steelmaking

Ferro silicon barium is an inoculant for casting and a deoxidizer for steelmaking. When used as an inoculant for casting, it can promote the formation of A-type graphite, refine the eutectic group, improve the distribution of graphite, and improve...

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