Refining process of stainless steel alloy cored wire feeding wire

Alloy cored wire feeding technology is an out-of-furnace refining technology. It is made of alloy cored wire by coating various alloy powders with low carbon steel strips, and then passes through the slag layer at a certain speed by means of a wir...

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Application status of cored wire technology

The cored wire technology first appeared in the late 1970s. The cored wire technology with the main goal of adding calcium to steel has successfully gone through more than 30 years of history, from being unrecognized to unanimously respected. , Fr...

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Cored Wire

The cored wire is mainly used by steel mills for molten steel treatment. There are also many types of cored wire, including solid cored wire, carbon wire, calcium wire, pure calcium wire, nodulizer wire, silicon aluminum barium calcium cored wire,...

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The development of origin and application of cored wire

The cored wire is a composite material that is broken into a certain particle size by additives in molten steel or molten iron (usually used as deoxidizers, desulfurizers, modifiers, alloys, etc.) and is processed by cold rolling. The cored wire t...

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