Ferrochrome Alloy for Industrial Applications

Ferrochrome, a significant alloy in the steel and metallurgical industries, plays a vital role in enhancing the properties of various materials. This article highlights the key features, applications, and benefits of ferrochrome, underscoring its ...

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The use and production process of ferrochrome

The addition of chromium to steel can significantly improve the oxidation resistance of steel and increase the corrosion resistance of steel. Chromium is contained in many steels with special physical and chemical properties. Chromium in steel is ...

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Ferrochrome January review: cost-driven iron price rises steadily

In January, the price of high-carbon ferrochrome increased by 500 yuan/50 basis tons. News of power cuts and production cuts at the beginning of the month injected confidence into the market, and ferrochrome suppliers became more reluctant to sell...

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Precautions during transportation of high carbon ferrochrome

With the development and progress of national science and technology, the preparation methods of ferrochrome have been tapped in many fields. Especially high-carbon ferrochromium is now more and more widely used in various fields. Although high-ca...

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Ferrochrome production process

The production process of Ferrochrome includes; Gravity separation process: such as jigging, shaking table, spiral chute, dense medium cyclone, etc. Magnetic separation process: including strong field magnetic separation and high voltage electric ...

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The difference between high carbon ferrochrome and micro carbon ferrochrome

Ferrochromium is an iron alloy mainly composed of chromium and iron, and is one of the main alloying agents used in the iron and steel industry. Ferrochromium has high hardness and good wear resistance. Adding chromium to steel can significantly i...

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