Ferrosilicon 15 is widely used in steelmaking

Ferrosilicon 15 is an alloy commonly used in various industrial applications. It is composed primarily of iron and silicon, with a silicon content of around 15%. Ferrosilicon 15 is produced through the reduction of silica or silicon dioxide with i...

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Application of ferrosilicon 15% powder from Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd.

Atomized/Millied ferrosilicon 15% is a type of ferrosilicon alloy that contains approximately 15% silicon and the remaining percentage as iron. Ferrosilicon is commonly used in various industrial applications, including diamond mining. Here's how ...

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Milled Ferrosilicon 15%

Ferrosilicon 15%, also known as FeSi 15%, is suitable as Heavy Media for the Dense Medium Separation in the Mining Separation process. Dense medium separation is a well-established density separation process, ideally suited for the separation of m...

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