The Application of Nodulizer-Revolutionizing the Industry

Dear readers, have you ever wondered about the secret behind the impeccable quality of ferroalloys? Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to a game-changing innovation in the industry: Nodulizer. These agents have revolutionized the production o...

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Introduction to the composition and adding method of nodulizer

Nodulizers are some metals or alloys added to molten iron to obtain spherical graphite cast iron. The nodulizers commonly used in China are ferrosilicon rare earth magnesium alloys, and most foreign countries use magnesium-based nodulizers (pure m...

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The specific functions of the nodulizer and the key points in the smelting process

The FeSiMg nodulizer cast iron is a gray-black solid made of ferrosilicon as the raw material. The mixing ratio of calcium, magnesium and rare earth is adjusted to the standard range to make it react smoothly and generate a rare earth material. Le...

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Two types of pre-furnace inspections commonly used by nodulizer manufacturers

Nodulizer manufacturer---Lishi Industrial reminds you that the so-called pre-stove inspection is an indispensable link in the production process, and it is directly related to the quality of nodular cast iron. Timely and accurate judgment of the s...

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Application of Nodulizer in Ductile Iron

The nodulizer acts on the nodular cast iron, which can promote the crystallization of graphite into a spherical shape, which is beneficial for obtaining nodular graphite. The strength of ductile iron is much higher than that of gray cast iron, and...

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Do you know about nodulizers?

Nodulizer is an additive that can promote the crystallization of graphite in ductile iron into a spherical shape. It is generally used in the field of cast iron casting. So do you know what types it has? What are the quality criteria? Next, let's ...

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