Silicon Calcium Alloy

Those in the steelmaking and foundry industries are no strangers to silicon-calcium alloys. Although it is a very common product, some customers still ask whether the silicon-calcium alloy is a deoxidizer or an inoculant. Yes, calcium silicon allo...

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November monthly review: Calcium silicon market is weak and stable

Calcium silicon In November, the price of silicon-calcium alloy remained stable. (1) Domestic market trend chart of calcium silicon in November As shown in the figure above, the mainstream transaction price in the national standar...

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Calcium silicon alloy production

What are the grades and uses of silicon calcium alloy?  The following table shows the grades of Chinese silicon-calcium alloys. Grade Chemical Composition/% Ca | Si A1 S C P Min Max Ca31Si6O 31 55 〜65 2.4 0. ...

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Production method of silicon calcium alloy

Calcium silicon is a good deoxidizer and desulfurizer, mainly used for deoxidation. Silicon calcium alloy is a binary alloy of silicon and calcium with very little iron. With the development of continuous casting and out-of-furnace ladle refining,...

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