Character of Sodium feldspar

Sodium feldspar is one of the minerals in the feldspar family, which is mainly anhydrous aluminum silicate with the frame crystal structure of potassium, sodium and calcium. It has three basic types and five transition types. The three basic types...

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Sodium Feldspar and Feldspar

Sodium Feldspar is a kind of feldspar, which is widely used in the ceramic and glass industries. This article mainly introduces what is feldspar and the main applications of it. Hope it can help you.   Feldspar: is by far the most abund...

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Soda Feldspar

LSFeldspar specializes in the production, trading, and innovation of soda feldspar for the ceramic, glass, and coating Industries, as well as for paints, plastics, coating, and refractory industries, etc. Soda feldspar manufacturers of Anyang Lish...

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